Monday, June 25

Soooo many new clothes.. ♥

Omg you have no idea how excited i am right now. I've had a total fashion weekend! This included two shopping trips and a weekend with my best girl Megan! It really has been the best weekend in a loooooong time, thanks for making it so amazing Meg! So over the past three weeks i have practically bagged myself a whole new wardrobe... I don't want to sound like i'm boasting but wow i've not been this excited about my wardrobe in a long time! Fashion really is the best therapy it makes me feel soooo much better in myself. I am in hospital pretty much all week but all being well i should be out at the weekend so i will take lots of photos & show you all my new stuff, they're amazing just saying! Oh & i have a new obsession okay she's not a designer but she's flipping amazing i just can't get enough of her work, so using her as inspiration for my  college project Abby Watkins she's just incredible!

Becca :) 


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