Wednesday, August 1

Follow Please.

Ohmygosh i am really sorry i know i keep promising more posts but i am just so amazingly busy at the moment. College holidays and i now have a heap of work to catch up on. But can i just say i possibly have the best summer college project EVER! I have to make a twitter and Fashion blog & just comment on trends & stuff all summer! I am having so much fun with it so technically i have been blogging just on another blog. The thing is though that i need some followers, it would really help me out if you check out my blog & twitter. I'm probably going to be posting from that blog for a while but don't worry i haven't forgotten about this one and i will update it whenever i can! ;) 



Saturday, July 21

Style obsessions...

During my many loooooong hours of education, i have recently taken a shining to I just thought i would share a few jems from there, Enjoy:

These outfits are just amazing, they were totally my inspirations for the week!


Good Morning ☮

Just a quick post to say hell to the flipping yes! Have you seen the weather outside. Had such an amazing morning woke up to some fresh, fruit, tropical juice & a coffee then off out for a run. Now back in my pjs blogging away deciding on what to wear today. I'm planning on getting quite a few posts done over the weekend updating you guys on all my latest purchases! So better get going, post soon! 

Saturday, June 30

Finally! I'm officially back in the game ♥.

Crafted cardigan- Republic, purple t-shirt - Republic, floral shorts - Parisian, New Look, greyish tights shoes- Primark 

Officially back in the game! I am so happy i managed to actually get a photo of my outfit posted today.Oh i actually had no idea what to wear today too many ideas were running though my head. This is what i finally decided on. It's been a pretty good day actually chilling with my sister all morning then off into town for a bit of shopping. I'm a very, very happy girl because i picked up these little items...

Company High-street Edit & Paloma Faith cd, thank-you Grandad for giving me your WHSmith card. I also picked up Look magazine, new black tube skirt from Warehouse Debenhams & some totally amazing stripy false nails which i will post a picture of when they're on... I actually can't wait.


Monday, June 25

Soooo many new clothes.. ♥

Omg you have no idea how excited i am right now. I've had a total fashion weekend! This included two shopping trips and a weekend with my best girl Megan! It really has been the best weekend in a loooooong time, thanks for making it so amazing Meg! So over the past three weeks i have practically bagged myself a whole new wardrobe... I don't want to sound like i'm boasting but wow i've not been this excited about my wardrobe in a long time! Fashion really is the best therapy it makes me feel soooo much better in myself. I am in hospital pretty much all week but all being well i should be out at the weekend so i will take lots of photos & show you all my new stuff, they're amazing just saying! Oh & i have a new obsession okay she's not a designer but she's flipping amazing i just can't get enough of her work, so using her as inspiration for my  college project Abby Watkins she's just incredible!

Becca :) 


Saturday, June 16

Boom ♥

So just a quick post to tell you all i'm back baby! Well kinda i might not be the most consistant blogger as i am in and out of the hospital right now but i am aiming to get online and upload posts as much as possible. My goal is to get at least one post up every weekend. Which sucks because i will really miss doing outfit of the day. Ah well i shall have to do extra blogging at the weekend to make up for it :) I have missed blogging so much, it's been like torture not being able to post stuff, but hopefully from now on that will all change. I'm back baby ;)

Friday, May 4

Back! (:

^ well if only i could do that then i wouldn't be the mess i'm in right now :|

Well sort of anyways. Just logged on to do some blogging my my college project. I think i've finally decided on the whole BOY LONDON theme but we shall see. But first of all can i just say hospitals are HORRIBLE i've only been in like three days and i'm already to leave. I mean i expected it to be some what controlled but this is just crazy. But i just want to come home as soon as i can, so i can get back to my regular blogging and stuff.


Friday, April 27

I'm taking a little break .. ♥

^ exactly how i feel right now!

Just thought i would let you all know that i'm not going to be able to blog for a while. Not that i have many followers yet but i just thought i would let you know. I have to take a little break as i am going into hospital on Monday for some treatment & i think i am going to be in for quite a while 3-6 months they said. I am going to miss blogging soooo much but i will try + get online as much as i can they have computers on the unit i am going to be staying on so it shouldn't be that bad, but we shall see. I will stop rambling on now but i just wanted to let you know, i will miss you blogger!