Friday, April 27

I'm taking a little break .. ♥

^ exactly how i feel right now!

Just thought i would let you all know that i'm not going to be able to blog for a while. Not that i have many followers yet but i just thought i would let you know. I have to take a little break as i am going into hospital on Monday for some treatment & i think i am going to be in for quite a while 3-6 months they said. I am going to miss blogging soooo much but i will try + get online as much as i can they have computers on the unit i am going to be staying on so it shouldn't be that bad, but we shall see. I will stop rambling on now but i just wanted to let you know, i will miss you blogger!


1 comment:

  1. I'll miss you too baby, you better be allowed out for the born this way ball! xox