Monday, April 16

My Anti Tour Challenge - Finally ☮♥

I know i promised this like ageeees ago but me being a fool a breaking my netbook has really restricted my internet access. I didn't actually realise how addicted to blogger i actually am i miss blogging sooo much! I hope the few followers i actually have haven't forgotten me i am still here, and i am going to blog as often as i can. I never thought i would find myself saying this but thank-god for college computers.
A while ago i set myself the Anti Tour Challenge. Well i did it, i had so much fun experimenting with different looks, i would really recommend you try it obviously you don't have to use the amazing Anti Tour shirt but you get the idea. So here are the outfits i created :)

Outfit One:
So this is what i wore for on the best day of my life! I think it is safe to say that i was very much on a Kylie high anyway from the concert the night before but add in meeting her and lots of diet soda + you get yourself a superfan. I must say i am rather proud of this outfit and it was soooo comfortable. I went with my leather jacket - New Look, Anti Tour shirt, Tie dye shorts - Parisian, Black tights, Black heeled boots - Republic. One of the cutest elements to my outfit was the Anti Tour badges on the left side of my shorts you can't really see them on this picture but i think they finished off my outfit nicely. I also loved this outfit because it made my legs look so long! ;) 

Outfit Two:
So Tuesday was certainly not as exciting as Monday such a let down. It was pretty much a lazy day just  at home with my little sister listening to music and watching Friends (which i'm sure you will agree never gets old and has to be the best show that has ever been made). I decided to wear my Anti Tour shit, Star skit - H&M, Black tights and Blue Satin pumps - Primark. 

Outfit Three:
Another amazingly comfortable ensemble i loved wearing this outfit. I went for my Anti Tour shirt, Crafted black cardigan - Republic, White Label shorts - Republic, Love heart print tights - Primark and Black Bear Paw boots - TK-MAX.

Outfit Four:
Yes more stars but i swear its the same skirt i stole my sisters this time. Anti Tour shirt, Purple leather jacket, Star print skirt - Matalan, Black tights, Gladiator heels - Next and my Cross Belt which isn't actually a belt i have to confess i thought the outfit just needed a little something and i don't really own many interesting belts so i used my Cross necklace instead. This is another outfit that i was actually quite proud of and look forward to experimenting with.

Outfit Five:
Now i just need to say a big, big thank-you to my amazing Tara India Kergon of My Obsession Du Jour for spotting Kylie Anti Tour inspired hot pants in Top Shop and sending them to me she really is the bestest friend in the world. I'm sure you're probably a bit lost right now but i'm sure you will agree that these shorts are lush! Tara and i fell in love with these shorts as they look exactly like the ones Kylie wore for the last part of her show. In fact we're thinking that they might actually be the same ones, they look so alike maybe Kylie shops at Top Shop. I'm wearing my Anti Tour shirt, Pink hotpants - Top Shop, Black tights and Grey Converse. 

So there you have my Anti Tour Challenge completed! Like i said i just had so much fun experimenting with different looks and styles and i have managed to create some really cool outfits that are both stylish and comfortable (in my opinion anyway, sorry if that sounded at all big headed). 

So what do you think?


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  1. So glad you liked the pink hot pants baby, they look awesome on you! Love all the outfits :) xox