Monday, April 16

New Shoes - Thanks Grandma ♥

So i just want to say a massive thank-you to my amazing little Grandma for such a lovely day out shoe shopping yesterday (which probably won't be yesterday by the time i actually post this). Anyway i had the best day tired me out and slightly depressed me that i couldn't afford Dr Martens but i got me some beautiful new shoes to make up for it :) 

I'm very, very happy i finally have a decent pair of sandals ready for Spring and Summer if we get the decent weather again that is. So glad we found these they are just so light and will be perfect for both casual and dressy events. I love them...

Now these were a bargain £6.99 and they are the most comfortable pair of shoes i've ever worn, seriously they feel like slippers. I am actually in love with these babies i love the pink floral pattern they are just so cute. So yes expect to see these a lot! ;) 


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