Tuesday, April 3

dream of the moment you'll be with me ☮♥

Okay so i had the most freaking incredibly amazing weekend in the whole wide world. Not only did i get to spend it with my fabulous best friend Tara India Kergon who i love soooooo much. I got to see my idol and fashion incon Kylie Minogue on her Anti Tour but wait no that's not the best bit I MET KYLIE MINOGUE. I am actually numb right now, i cannot actually put into words how incredibly amazing it was. Like a goon i stood there and didn't really say anything but Kylie actually talked to me, she actually knows i exist yeah expect this post to be very Kyliefied.

So here is what Tara + i wore for the Anti Tour... + can i just say i adore this dress but it wasn't the right choice for the concert, i would opt for something with straps :P

Now to the Anti Tour it was the most amazing gig i have ever been to in my life. Even though it was just totally stripped back just simply Kylie, a mic, music stand and the band. It was just perfect i would say it topped being in a big arena because the academy was tiny + made it even more personal. The concert was so out of this world you would no believe how beautiful Kylie looks up close, at first we were stood about five rows from the front for the main part of the concert then this guy decided to be amazing and let us stand in front of him so we were basically on the front row!!! Omg it was the most amazing thing Kylie looked straight at us. The gig really was something special everybody there including Kylie would agree that there was such an amazing vibe + she had such a connection with her fans. It was incredible. Oh and making a mad dash to the stage door aferwards was totally worth it just to see the beautiful Kylie Minogue again she didn't get the chance to greet anybody then but she waved and we got to see her incredibly hot boyfriend Andres so it was totally worth it. Not going to go on too much because believe me i could go on all day but all i can say is that it was totally worth standing around in the cold all day to get that close.

So then comes Monday April 2nd 2012, which is now known as THE BEST DAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE! It's so surreal because yesterday was actually a year since i went to see Kylie Minogue Les Folies at Manchester M.e.n + yesterday i got too meet her, so i wonder what's going to happen on April 2nd next year it's gotta be something pretty special to top that. As we missed Kylie arriving at the academy the day before and we were so amazingly disappointed we decided to head back into Manchester for the second show and wait by the stage door so we could make our dreams come true. AND WE DID! We were all prepared totally Kyliefied with our Anti tour t-shirts and badges and we spent all morning writing letters and decorating things to send to her. We were determined but all that determination payed off when we got to meet her that afternoon. I still cannot actually believe that Kylie Ann Minogue stood in front of me. You really have no idea how much that lady means to me and how much she has inspired and helped me! Kylie and her music have go me through some pretty tough times. Yes she is just as beautiful in person and she is so incredibly tiny it's untrue. I'm going to stop now because i really could go on and on but i am just going to finish with this amazing video evidence of me + Tara meeting our idol. My dream coming true right there. (look out for the big DEAR KYLIE letters yep that's us).

My dream coming true!!



  1. Love, love, love this post! It was the best weekend of my life too dear! <3 xox


  2. Ahh so jealous haha! Sounds just amazing! I love your background by the way x

    1. aw thank-you very much, sorry such a late reply i've had no internet access ;) xox.

      Becca Germanotta xox.