Tuesday, April 17

So excited :D

I will probably change my mind so many times before i produce my final website but my whole college project is on Fashion!!! How amazing is this going to be i have to create a fashion website and blog well there is lots of boring research i have to get out of the way first but then hell yeah fashion bogging here i come. I have so many ideas it is actually untrue but i think i might go for the whole Vivienne Westwood/Boy London theme, then i can use the amazing Bananarama, Kylie + Madonna as influences  OR do i go all Mugler and use Gaga decisions, decisions ;) 

Now to Sunday's outfit, a little late but yeah i was very cold but it was totally worth it. I went for my Sketch star blouse   - Republic, White Label dark denim shorts - Republic, Black fishnets and my amazing Converse studded boots. I took a huge risk with my make-up to i never normally wear Red lipstick but i actually liked it, i will wear it more often i'm thinking. 


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