Thursday, April 5

Ahh crap...

Okay so I have a problem my bracelet sorta flung off my arm & smashed my netbook screen :| so I now have to use blogger from my iPod & its not fun... I am hoping to get on my nana's laptop as much as I can to post my outfit but for now I will use the iPod just so you all know I'm still alive ;)

So I am still on such a high from Monday it still hasn't actually sunk in that I've met my idol! So because I am in love with my new Kyliee tee I have decided to do the anti tour challenge. I have to incorporate my t-shirt into my outfit everyday this week. I have managed quite a few looks already this week & I am having so much fun experimenting and trying different ideas. Due to my netbook being broke I have decided to post all y outfits at the end of the week so please check them out and let me know what you think :)

Becca xox.


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  1. Just tagged you in a post dear, hope you can take a look! Love you + your blog loads :) xox