Monday, April 2

mighty rivers run right through me ☮♥

Again random post title but i would expect many Kyliefied posts, references and titles etc because i've had the most amazing weekend, all shall be explained in the next post. This is a little late but here is Saturdays outfit:

My amazing American flag top from New Look which i haven't worn in ages it's a little big now but i had forgotten how amazing it was, dark denim shorts from Republic, brown belt Tesco, black patterned tights, beige cardigan from New Look and brown military boots. + i went for curly hair again today. Ohohohoh + look at my beautiful new bag, it's incredible, i'm actually in love. 



  1. Love this outfit, it's gorgeous!

  2. aw thankyou :) sorry for such a late reply i've had no internet access :|

    Becca Germanotta xox.