Thursday, March 29

because i had the best day with my mommy ☮

Okay so i had the best day. The sun was shining and i got to go shopping with my Mother finally spending my birthday money and i am so so happy with what i got. I am so amazingly happy right now i've almost forgotten how amazing shopping sprees make you feel. Shopping really is the best therapy. + now i am at home watching Friends it really is the best day, random bit of dribble but how flipping stunning is Jennifer Aniston i really want her hair. Here is my outfit of the day +  the amazing new additions to my wardrobe...

So i finally have a picture of my amazing peace sign top, bright blue jeans and today i went for simple silver sandals (as they are easy to just slip on + off when trying things on oh + cause it was really warm again jeez i love this weather).

I have to say a huge thank-you to my Mommy for this because she bought it for me. I tried it on again as soon as i got home + i love it so much it's so comfortable. I think i may have found my outfit for the Anti Tour on Sunday. 

Another thank-you to my Mother although i bought these myself she actually spotted them. How incredible are they they just look so freaking amazing. They are also available in pink at just £15 i think i need to get me another pair.

So happy i finally have a pair of plain denim shorts. I am in love with my new White Label dark denim shorts from Republic. These are an incredible new addition to my wardrobe as they will go with anything.

Big thank-you to my Mommy again for this only £8 from River Island, very happy. It goes perfectly with my tie die shorts.

+ Now to my favorite purchase. How freaking incredible is this top. From H! By Henry Holland oh i freaked when i saw this. I love, love, love, love this not only is it ocean print it's pastel colours too. Just going to mention this again I LOVE IT! 

+ finally this is what i got with my birthday money from my beautiful little Grandma. I've been wanting this bag for sooooo long. I can't actually believe i finally own it. Tis perfect for both college and everyday wear. It's beautiful! I was torn between this one and a light blue floral print one i decided to go with this one as i think the pastel pink is fresh looking and i am a sucker for a bit of pink. Which ever one i would have bought i would have felt sad to leave the other one behind so i shall just have to save up for the other one.

So overall i am so incredibly happy right now!


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  1. Looks like an amazing shopping trip dear! Love the tie dye shorts! xox