Monday, March 19

Pjs? ☮

According to Vogue apparently pyjamas are presenting a new evening wear option this spring. I just thought i would post this because i find it very unusual but i like it. The photos above show a selection of my favourite pictures from the vogue website however i'd recommend visiting and checking out the whole article. Could this be a new trend? There really isn't anything high maintenance about this look and it is quite simple and easy to achieve. I think i might give it a go. It's simply a pair of leg lengthening trousers with a simple "no fuss" shirt. 

Vogue's tips include:
- Call on elegant slouchy silk trousers, button front tops and dressing gown jackets.
-Tops should sit below the trouser-line or be tucked in.
-Keep the look clean with minimal accessories.

My take on this look:
I actually think with the right ensemble this look can be very effective and look really good. I think it looks fresh, comfortable and different yet elegant. Also with this style you can choose yourself how casual or extravagant you want to be.

Okay so should i give it a go? what do you think, are pjs a good new evening look? I've gotta get me a pair of silk trousers i'm thinking. My final piece of advice would be like Vogue says "Just don't forget to swap your slippers for heels" 



  1. If you try it first, I might be tempted into this trend! xox

  2. Ahaa i need to get some pants first :)