Monday, March 19

Under the sea (: ☮

Okay so i am spending faaaaar too much time on the Vogue website today. Well that's what college gets for blocking blogger well i can get on blogger and create posts but i cannot actually view my blog what's that all about? I'm not happy about that at all :|

With my little moan out of the way i shall get on with what i actually want to share with you all. Looking through the Vogue Spring/Summer trends i am really liking what i see. Especially the fact that their seems to be a lot of ocean inspired clothing and accessories, which personally i think is absolutely awesome because i love the sea. I really like how fresh everything looks and i have always found that shells make a cute addition to any outfit.

Oh and i am actually in love with Chanel's Spring/Summer collection the whole watery depths theme with the giant catwalk covered in coral, it looked lush. It kind of reminded me of Kylie's Les Folies show, which i shall have to blog about soon because soooo many fashion obsessions.

So to conclude i am really glad this is a Spring and Summer theme and cannot wait to experiment with ocean prints and patterns myself!


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