Monday, March 26

Stars again... ☮♥

Stayed off college today because i'm not going to lie i feel like utter crap. The only thing that got me out of bed and make myself look presentable was so i had something to post (oh + the fact that i have Anti Tour tickets, i still cannot actually believe i am seeing Kylie Minogue in like 5 days!!). So here is what i wore today:

Please excuse the huge dark circles under my eyes + my hair, i told you i look like hell. But it's another lovely day today so i stole my sisters star skirt, red AWESOME top, black fishnet style tights, just elegance cardigan and omg the best part of my outfit has to be my shoes! How amazing are they the best birthday present ever, i told you i have a genuine love for Converse + these are my favorite pair. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you Mommy! Just a little heads up if you too are a converse lover, i would recommend that you keep an eye out in your local TK-Max store, they have them in there form time to time at discount prices, as these were a steal. 

Oh oh oh i am wearing my new peace sign bracelets today finally got a picture up, aren't they awesome? ;)


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  1. Gorgeous bracelets dear! xox