Sunday, March 18

Happy Mother's Day ☮

Good evening, gosh i'm blogging a little later than i wanted to but better late than never i suppose. Can you actually believe it the sun actually came out for mothers day. So today i wen at my Nan's for a meal i had to eat far much more than i wanted too but ahh well it was a chance to dress up!

All black, it seems to be a continuous theme with my wardrobe i just love black. I am really trying to brighten up but i always seem to end up in black again. Well at least i have a touch of colour with the white stars and bracelets. Black star vest like blouse from new look, black shorts which i have a confession to make these are my black games shorts that i've had since like year seven which due to taking extra re i hardly used + i find that they work really well with like everything... black tights, just elegance black cardigan, high heel boots from republic. + now for my jewels a selection of five rings and bracelets Oh + best of all my H! By Henry Holland Skull earrings, which i shall have to post a picture of soon because they are like my favorite pair of earrings ever! Hair: i just moussed my hair like crazy + stuck it up in a bobble because i ran out of time.


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