Saturday, March 17

Let the fashion blogging begin...

Woaah so i am actually quite nervous yet excited about this little blog. I decide to create one after much persuasion from my amazing best friend Tara India Kergon. Thank-you baby. So hello i'm Becca Germanotta + i swear fashion is my calling! It really is my life and i really hope to make a career out of it in the near futute, that would just be like a dream come true. So yes i am extremly passionate about my style so i decided to create this blog to post all my fashion ramblings and photos. Oh + i'm an interactive media student so fashion photography is pretty much my life so i will probably post my project photos too, feel free to let me know what you think. I'm going to try and post something everyday if it kills me. I would post my outfit of the day but i had an audition today and was stuck out in the cold and rain all day so i had to get changed, so at the moment i am just sat here in my sleevless wild hearts are made to be broken tee, shorts + over the knee socks with like no make-up on and my hair shoved up fashionable i know but you've gotta give your skin a break sometime. So yes there shall be no pictures of todays attire but i hope to start tomorrow. Enjoy.



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