Friday, March 30

where did the sun go?

Okay so i am really not happy, today was a very depressing day where the hell has the sun gone? But my day was saved by talking the amazing Tara India Kergon on the phone for like two hours + it would have been longer if it didn't run out of charge :P 

My outfit for today:

It felt soo good to wear my new clothes. I am wearing my pink vest top from River Island, blue tye dye shorts from Mic Ladies, black tights and grey converse. Oh + i curled my hair today + stuck it up in a clip as i was bored of straightening it! 



  1. My day was saved by that phonecall hooker! Love the hair, and I am very jealous of your tie dye shorts xox

  2. Cute outfit. I really like it. =)