Monday, March 26

Who's going to see Kylie on Sunday? Me!!!!!!

Okay so there are actually no words to describe how happy i am right now. I mean i've been feeling pretty rough like all weekend that's why i didn't get round to posting yesterday + not in college yesterday. But i am suddenly feeling a lot better as thanks to Tara's Mother we are no officially going to see the amazing Kylie Ann Minogue in her Anti Tour on Sunday. Ohmygosh you have no idea how amazingly out of this world it is going to be because Kylie Minogue is like my idol she means like everything to me! Also the amazing Tara India Kergon shall be spending the weekend with me which just makes the whole thing even more excited. Omgomgomgomgomg i just can't wait roll on April 1st! 




  1. Ridiculously excited for this now dear, this is gonna be the best weekend ever! ANTITOUR! <3

    1. Oh i know dear, going to be fashion central in my room. I shall have the diet soda + Kylie b-sides ready ;) ☮♥