Friday, March 23

Wrestle with your darkness, angels call your name ☮

Please excuse the random title to this post it is totally unrelated but the picture pretty much sums everything up, so i thought i would just post some random Madonna lyrics. Omg off topic a little here but i cannot freaking wait for MDNA, it's going to be incredible. But Madonna can i just say i LOVELOVELOVE you but please there is no need to diss Lady Gaga now is there? That is all i'm going to say on the subject because i love both ladies soooo much they are so incredibly talented + beautiful... Right back to what i was saying i convinced my Mother to let my try the whole blue/black hair thing and she said yes fairly quickly to be honest i was quite surprised she didn't take that much persuading. I should be dying it tomorrow so fingers crossed it turns out okay, i'm actually really excited!


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