Tuesday, March 20

the sun was out again ☮

Oh you have no idea how happy i was today, the sun was out again. I could actually to the bus WITHOUT a coat or jacket on. I had a cardigan on but that doesn't count because as stunning as it is it's not very warm. So here is what i am wearing today:

Ohmygosh don't i look attractive. Ah please ignore the actual mess that is my face and hair. So today i decided to go a bit girly because of yesterdays simple ensemble i wanted to be more experimental. So i went for my Skull dress which i'm not actually sure where it's from and my silver metallic belt that was a valentines gift from my parents. I thought my just elegance cardigan and blue dolly shoes with black patterned tights worked well with the dress and completed the outfit. I wasn't sure about the shoes at first i thought the blue wouldn't look right with the pink so i was going to go with my high heeled boots from Republic which i mentioned in Sunday's post, but my Mother convinced me to go with the dolly shoes to add a bit more colour. So yeah i felt like a fashionable pirate today. Oh and i am actually wearing some colour today. Now to my jewels i was wearing a selection of my favourite bracelets including the pink beads that i stole from my sister sorry Amy ;) i am also wearing my flower pendant that was left to me by a very special lady, Mrs Ada who passed away a few years back now, i miss her so much she was one fashionable lady in her day + i am very lucky to be left with all her amazing jewellery! + after yesterdays discovery that the ocean is a big spring/summer theme i found myself reaching for my pearl earrings this morning :)

+ Finally i managed to actually paint my nails last night,  they feel soo much better now they're painted i feel naked without my nail polish on :P I couldn't decided which colours to go for but i thought with my whole pink skull theme i'd go for a bit of colour with the two tones of pink. I've also had these little flowers since like christmas so i thought i'd try them out. 



  1. Love the nails, they didn't smudge then.. ;) xox