Thursday, March 22

i do love me a bit of Ke$haaa .. ☮

Yesterday i was planning to do a Ke$ha inspired look for today's post but i also decided to totally tidy out my room and all i can say is never again. I just wanted to sort through all the crap i seem to have in my room so i got absolutely everything out of my cupboards and drawers, yeah DON'T DO IT. It took me so long to get my room looking lovely again. Plus i can't find the top i wanted to wear for it. 

^Please ignore the books in the background, 
had to take the picture in the college library... 

However, i know in the last post i said my hairstyle of the day just kind of happened but it just occurred to me that it does look very Ke$ha. So here is my Ke$ha inspired hairstyle of the day i am going to try and do many more of these because i have to say Ke$ha is most definitely both a hair and style obsession of mine, i love her. I think i shall try the whole Ke$ha inspired outfit for tomorrow, aha i have a hospital appointment so i shall be there rolling into the hospital looking like Ke$ha imma look fly!



  1. you rock that look! so cute! xo

  2. Ke$ha is amazing! Wish I could do hair like hers. Your hair looks awesome dear! xox

    1. Oh you totally could baby you'd totally rock it :) <333