Monday, March 26

because i styled my little sister.

So everybody say Hello to my beautiful little sister Amy Dee, isn't she beautful. She is actually the best because she lets me style her even if i do make her look about 17, she doesn't mind. So we were off to our Aunty + Uncle's house yesterday for a belated birthday dinner for my Father. I thought i would take a break from posting my outfit and dedicate this post to my little sister :)

First here is a picture of both of us, a big thankyou to my mother for taking this photo. I know i have only just worn this dress but it's so comfortable and it is one of my favorites so i decided to wear it again. But this time i wore different accessories and shoes and went for over the knee socks instead of tights because the weather was so amazingly stunning. Oh + i also had different hair, i decided to keep it straight and simple. 

+ now to Amy's outfit gosh she doesn't look 10 right? I swear she looked older than me on Sunday. But i didn't mind because i think she looked amazing and had the best time styling her. So she is wearing my Just Elegance cardigan, black vest top from New Look, flared star skirt form Matalan, black over the knee socks and sorry you can't see them very well but blue satin pumps from Primark i think. She added her own love heart jewellery which i think completed the look. I went for simple hair and make-up giving her a toned down Ke$ha quiff and natural looking make-up. Oh she also added a little sparkly nail polish + i'm sure you'll agree you can't go wrong with glitter. 


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