Saturday, March 24

+ the mirror's gonna fog tonight . . . ♥

Another fashion obsession has to be Natalia Kills, her style is just so incredibly unique i love it. Lots of people compare her to Lady Gaga yeah i will admit some of the things i have seen her do and wear have been similar but they are totally different i mean Gaga is in a whole league of her own anyway she is a complete fashion icon. But back to Kills she is soo beautiful. + she always seems to get her outfits like just right if that makes any sense from her clothes and shoes to her nails and hair she just always looks so fabulous yet unusual and unique at the same time. Not only do i love her incredibly chic her music is amazing! I would seriously recommend that you youtube her if you've never listen to her music, it is out of this world... 

This video is absolutely AMAZING, fashion and music are my life and this video has to be one of my biggest inspirations. I mean i could watch it over and over again i never get bored. There really are no words to describe how good this video is, it's the kind of video i could see myself making if i ever do make it in the music industry. Throw in some Thierry Mugler and i'd be in heaven!


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