Friday, March 23

peace out ☮

So today was the best day, the perfect beginning to the weekend. Not only was the sun shining again it was surprisingly warm and my hospital appointment was cancelled so i got to go shopping! So here is what i decided to wear today.

I know i was planning on a Ke$ha inspired look but as i was looking through my wardrobe i came accross this dress + as the sun was shining and i hadn't worn it in so long i just couldn't resit so i shall have to be Ke$ha another day. I'm wearing my flower power dress from New Look, cropped cardigan from Primark, brown belt from Tesco, black tights + studded greek sandal heels from Next. My jewels included a selection of my favorite bracelets, my owl necklace and i am a big fan of wearing odd earrings that probably sounds strange they have to match but occasionally i tend to wear odd ones just to be a bit different, today i went for a bronze diamond stud and a bronze flower.

 I went for the simple make-up look again as i am not in college i decided to not wear as much eyeliner as i usually do i'm actually surprised i went into town without much on. 

I also decided on this outfit today because my nails were already painted the above colour ^ i'm officially in love with this colour it just looks so bright and is really chip resistant. 

+ now for my favorite part of my post. LOOK WHAT I GOT. It was an actual steal i picked this up from Kiwi for just £5, i am soooo happy with it. I think i now have a new obsession with Peace sign prints as i also bought two wooden peace sign bracelets today, which i would have taken a picture of but my camera has died but i shall make sure i post a picture soon. 


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