Monday, March 19

It's my Daddy's birthday today ... ☮

Hello there, first of all i just want to say a big happy birthday to my Daddy who's 21 again eh Dad? ;) hehe. Anyway i hope you had a fab day. Now to what i wore today:

It's a pretty simple ensemble as i got in too late last night so did not have much time to plan todays outfit because i wanted to catch a decent nights sleep. My queen of hearts Monteau Los Angeles top, black limited collection leggings and Bear Paw boots with some funky ass socks to keep my feet warm. Jewels: three of my favorite bracelets including my AMAZING peace sign bracelet bought for me by my beautiful Tara thank-you again baby! Three rings and my black Sekonda watch which i love. Oh + again the best part of the outfit for me has to be my "Poker face" earrings. I thought the went well with my top! I decided to go for simple hair and make-up for today. It didn't go as well as i planned but when does your hair ever do what it's supposed to? So you shall have to excuse my birds nest of a hairstyle and the big dark circles under my eyes. Huumm i think i shall go for straight hair tomorrow, we shall see...

Due to the cold British weather i also had to take my black New Look now oversized cardigan and my purple french connection coat (which i take everywhere with me it's the most amazing thing, big thank-you to my little Grandma for buying it for me). THE SUN WAS SHINING AGAIN! :D You have no idea how happy i was, i really, really hope this weather continues i cannot deal with the miserable weather coming back :|

Right i shall stop rambling on now, but i just want to say a big thank-you to my little sister Amy D for agreeing to take my photo every morning, i just thought she deserved some recognition. Aw and one final think i love this little blog so much i'm having so much fun writing for it 

Ooh, ooh, ooh my Mommy agreed to the whole blue/black hair idea so i'm very excited and can't wait to see how it turns out i shall post pictures as soon as it's done!



  1. Love the look dear, glad you liked the bracelet! Can't wait to see your new hair when you do it :) <3 xox

    1. Aww thankyou baby, it really is amazingggg . . . (: <33333