Friday, March 23

send them all the letters .. ♥

Oh what a beautiful morning to wake up to after such an awesome night. I swear there are no words to describe how incredibly out of this world last night was. Not only did i get to meet up with one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world who i hardly ever get to see because we live too far away. But i also got to sit 6 ROWS FROM THE FRONT at Matt Cardle. I swear he is even more hot in real life, yes i want to marry him!

So here is my outfit, first of all i can say is i'm finally wearing my high heeled boots from republic but big mistake you'd think people would sit down at a Matt Cardle concert yeah they don't my feet hurt so bad but i suppose that's the price you pay for fashion. Ripped skeleton top from Republic, Raspberry high waisted shorts from New Look and cropped black cardigan from Primark. My jewels included a selection of my favorite bracelets, three rings and my feather/aphrodite necklace that my mommy got for me a few months ago i swear it is the most amazing necklace i own. I decided to just take my hair out of a ponytail + straighten the sides and stick to simple make-up because i knew i wouldn't have the time to keep touching it up. Oh + ofc my bright orange nail polish completes my ensemble.

Oh i just want to say a big good luck to my amazingly beautiful Freya as she has her dance gcse today + i know she is going to do really well because she's ace! So i shall leave you with some of my favorite pictures of the hotness that is Matt Cardle!


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