Saturday, March 24

Chaos ;) ☮

Evening, i am actually surprised i have managed to get this post up before it's going dark to be honest. As my top says it's been total Chaos today. I decided to "clean" my wardrobe out ready for the shopping spree imma have with my birthday money. So yes my room is just like a mountain of clothes. It's great i've had the best day just trying out different styles and watching comedy central ;) Just gotta put it all away now. Here is what i finally decided to wear today...

I'm very bright today, lots + lots of colour i love it. I am also extremely happy because it is actually warm enough to wear shorts without tights i can hardly believe it. This post may have to be short and sweet because i have to go finish tidying my room and then actually get down to some college work plus we have guests coming over tonight so gotta get ready for that. I'm taking a big risk today because i normally never wear shorts without tights because i'm quite paranoid about my legs i like to lock+load as DanniiMinogue would say, so today i am wearing my Chaos top, aztech style shorts + beige cardigan from New Look, grey over the knee socks from Primark + pink Converse (which i love more than life itself, yes i shall have to do a post on the Converse obsession i have so much love for these shoes). 



  1. love, love, love the shorts dear, brilliant look! xox

    1. Aw why thank-you i wasn't actually sure about this outfit but it actually works ;D <3