Wednesday, March 21

everybody changes underwater... ☮

Okay so only Dannii Minogue fans will get the title but ahh well. I just thought it was appropriate due to my new under water obsession, i swear i am getting far to obsessed with this trend now. For example here is what i wore today:

I actually didn't notice the whole stripey sailor theme i had going on, it was actually my Mother that pointed it out. See it all comes naturally to me now :P So i was wearing my stripey Be Beau vest, bright blue jeans which are actually from Matalan's children department but they still look good right ;) then my sisters orange sleevless cardigan (see i told you i always steal my sisters clothes) and i thought i'd stick to something simple so i'm wearing my Ted Baker flats. Jewels: On MY right hand i am wearing my amazingly beautiful blue DKNY bracelet + on MY left i am just wearing a selection of four bracelets including my shell beads :) i went for my pear earrings again + to complete my ensemble this my amazing shell + pearl necklace which i haven't worn in soo long so i forgot how stunning it actually looks. So that's pretty much my outfit of the day,  OH and straightened my hair today for a change because i've had it curly for so long i thought i would do something different. 

As i wasn't in college today i decided to give my face a break and wore minimal makeup. All i wore today was the smallest amount of tinted moisturizer, blusher, eye shadow, mascara and Project D "Dusk lipgloss". Which is good for me even though i don't normally wear a lot of make-up i normally cannot stand the sight of myself without eyeliner on but i actually managed a day without it. I'm quite proud of myself.



  1. Love the brightness of today, and even without eyeliner you still look absolutely stunning dear :) xox

  2. Fab color!