Thursday, March 22

like a shooting star it's just who we are ☮

It's such a lovely day today, so happy i'm out without a coat again. I really wish i could concentrate on my college work as much as i do on this blog. Ahh well i will catch up soon technically i want to make it in the fashion industry so this is work too (yeah i can keep telling myself that). So i am very, very excited today because i am going to see the incredibly hot Matt Cardle tonight with my beautiful best friend Freya, i actually can't wait i am counting down the hours. Another good thing about the concert tonight is that i get to have two outfits of the day, although i may have to post the second one tomorrow depending on what time i get back tonight. I am extremely tired today so i am really sorry if i am rambling on like a fool.  Anyway here is what i decided to wear today:

I shall just have to confess right now that i have a very big obsession with stars, i think they are soo cute and can make any outfit look interesting and unique. So i am wearing my Star blazer from Matalan, plain black vest from New Look, black diamond leggings from George and my blue satin ballet pumps, again i was originally going to wear my high heeled boots from Republic but i decided to save them for the concert tonight. Plus i thought my outfit could use a bit of colour. Jewels: i am actually not wearing as much jewellery as i normally do just my Sekonda watch, Dkny rings, beaded bracelet from Next i think i'm not actually sure but it is one of my favourites. I have not worn this necklace for so long so i decided i would try it today again i am not sure where it is from as it was a present from my amazing Grandma. As i have a lot going on with the star blazer i opted for simple blue studs today, i know it's not very clear from the picture but they do add a bit of colour to my basically all black ensemble. See i told you i can't tear myself away i just love black. 

I wasn't planning on this hair do today it just kind of happened i'm surprised it's actually stayed up to be quite honest. What do you think? I wasn't sure about it. Oh + the eyeliner is back!